Bit Testing

Test bits

It is possible to test a bit you are interested in. For the testing we charge €10,-. If the bit isn’t what you expected, after testing, you have 1 week to return the bit. We will check the bit for damages. If the bit is returned to us after testing, undamaged and within the time limit, you will receive the purchase price minus the €10,- testing costs.

Some products are excluded from testing, for example: the Poponcini bits, Trust Inno Sense, Beris Prime, foam and leather bits. These bits show rather quick signs of use.

The bit will be delivered in transparent packaging, so you can have a proper look at it. If it is not what you expected, you can return the bit in the unopened packaging. We will refund the full purchase price. If the packaging is opened, we are forced to charge €10,- testing costs.