D-bit lock up

D-bit lock up

D-bit, jointed, lock up.

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Description D-snaffle bit:

A D- bit is the same as an Eggbutt only the bit rings has the shape of a ‘D’. The straight section of the bitring ensures a ‘limitation’ and pressure distribution on the mouth and cheek of the horse. This makes the horse easier to turn and stops the bit from pulling through the mouth. This makes the D-snaffle bit useful for schooling young horses. 

Attention: this bit is a bit sharper than a Loos ring snaffle or an Eggbutt snaffle bit.

This bit lies stable and calm in the mouth.

Blue steel (sweet iron):

Blue steel bits are made of a mixture of materials, also called an alloy. This gives a sweet taste. The mouthpiece of these bits have a blue or black color. If the bit is used the blue or black layer gets oxidized and then becomes orange/brown, the color of rust. This rust gives a sweet taste. A sweet taste stimulates the salivation production and acceptance of the bit.

Features single jointed mouthpiece:

Because of the single jointed mouthpiece, the tongue will be freer than with a double jointed mouthpiece or straight bit. A single broken mouthpiece works mainly on the layers and the sides of the tongue.

Features lock up snaffle :

A snaffle with a blockade provides the feeling of a basic snaffle when the rider uses normal rein pressure. However, when the horse is strong or the rider gives more rein pressure, this mouthpiece gives a blocking effect in one direction. It will than work as a straight mouthpiece. This bit is not suitable for an inexperienced rider or horse.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type D-bit
Brand Bombers
colour No
Material sweet iron
sharpness of the bit sharp
thickness of the mouthpiece 16mm