Eggbutt lock up

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Eggbutt lock up

Eggbutt with locking mouthpiece.



Description eggbutt snaffle:

A Eggbutt  is a basic bit, in general a soft bit.  The bit rings are oval and fixed to the mouthpiece, which gives a more direct reaction from the aid.  The rubber bit guards are not needed. The bit is relatively stable in the horses mouth.

The eggbutt snaffle bit is very suitable for young horses and riders with a average hand.

Blue steel (sweet iron):

Blue steel bits are made of a mixture of materials, also called an alloy. This gives a sweet taste. The mouthpiece of these bits have a blue or black color. If the bit is used the blue or black layer gets oxidized and then becomes orange/brown, the color of rust. This rust gives a sweet taste. A sweet taste stimulates the salivation production and acceptance of the bit.

Features single jointed mouthpiece:

Because of the single jointed mouthpiece, the tongue will be freer than with a double jointed mouthpiece or straight bit. A single broken mouthpiece works mainly on the layers and the sides of the tongue.

Features lock up snaffle:

A snaffle with a blockade provides the feeling of a basic snaffle when the rider uses normal rein pressure. However, when the horse is strong or the rider gives more rein pressure, this mouthpiece gives a blocking effect in one direction. It will than work as a straight mouthpiece. This bit is not suitable for an inexperienced rider or horse.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type eggbut
Brand Bombers
Color N/A
Material sweet iron
sharpness of the bit normal
thickness of the mouthpiece 16 mm


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