TRUST bits material, form and weight are important in making the choice for the right bit. TRUST pays a lot of attention to these points in the development and optimization of the bits. All bits are made by hand. This makes the TRUST-bits unique and quality control is very high. The most notable is the use of the blue flamed 'sweet iron' for the mouth pieces combined with stainless steel. The anatomically shaped nozzles ensure optimal location in the horses mouth. Important is also the weight of a bit, it shouldn't be too light and not too heavy. Not too thick and not too thin. A TRUST bit is all manual work. All components are hand welded together and polished. By Sweet iron to heat for a short time it gets the beautiful deep blue color. The finishing touch: the hammering  of the size and the brand name.

Sweet iron

Sweet iron develops through contact with (air) humidity surface rust that sweet tastes and stimulates the saliva production in a natural way. This will allow the horse to produce more foam which is good for a better acceptance of the bit. This rust process (oxidation) changes the blue color of the TRUST-bits in brownish grey color. During a temporary non-use of a sweet iron bit a orange brown rust layer sticks on the mouthpiece. This can be easily removed by the bit with a little bit of water.