D-bit, double jointed, copper rollers

D-bit, double jointed, copper roll



Description D-snaffle bit:

A D- bit is the same as an Eggbutt only the bit rings has the shape of a ‘D’. The straight section of the bitring ensures a ‘limitation’ and pressure distribution on the mouth and cheek of the horse. This makes the horse easier to turn and stops the bit from pulling through the mouth. This makes the D-snaffle bit useful for schooling young horses. 

Attention: this bit is a bit sharper than a Loos ring snaffle or an Eggbutt snaffle bit.

This bit lies stable and calm in the mouth.


Copper mouthpieces heat up faster to the temperature of the horse than steel bits, but copper bits are worn out earlier. Copper is a material that is too soft on it’s own to be used to make a bit. There is often a different substance that is added to the copper so the bit will be much harder and lasts longer. The copper is the main substance of the bit or it will be molded together with the other materials. Copper bits stimulates the saliva production.

Features double jointed mouthpiece:

The double-jointed mouthpiece consists of three parts. The middle section of the mouthpiece is flat on the tongue and give more pressure on the tongue than a single broken mouthpiece. The thicker the middle the more pressure on the tongue.

Features tongue players:

By loose players in the center of the mouthpiece the horse will be stimulated to play with the bit. Therefore a horse ‘let’s go ' earlier in the mouth.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type D-bit
Brand Feeling
Color No
Material stainless steel
sharpness of the bit normal
thickness of the mouthpiece 14 mm


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