D-bit, jointed, thin mouthpiece"Pinchless"

Metal AB
D-bit, jointed, thin, curved mouthpiece"Pinchless"

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Description D-snaffle bit:

A D- bit is the same as an Eggbutt only the bit rings has the shape of a ‘D’. The straight section of the bitring ensures a ‘limitation’ and pressure distribution on the mouth and cheek of the horse. This makes the horse easier to turn and stops the bit from pulling through the mouth. This makes the D-snaffle bit useful for schooling young horses. 

Attention: this bit is a bit sharper than a Loos ring snaffle or an Eggbutt snaffle bit.

This bit lies stable and calm in the mouth.

Description Pinchless bit:

These bits are designed to prevent, often unintended, pressure and pain accured by pinched tongues and cheeks. Due to the clever design the following characteristics are created: in jointed and straight mouthpieces there is an internal bushing that allows the bit to rotate in the middle. Each side can work independently without influencing the other side.

The benefits that comes with this technology, distinguishes these bits from all the other techniques and bits. Working one rein will not cause the entire bit to raise up, hit the palate and pinch the tongue as commonly happens with traditional jointed bits.

The horse’s mount remains closed and calm, so the horse can focus on the acceptance of the bit and the performances.

Features single jointed mouthpiece:

Because of the single jointed mouthpiece, the tongue will be freer than with a double jointed mouthpiece or straight bit. A single broken mouthpiece works mainly on the layers and the sides of the tongue.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type D-bit
Brand Metal AB
Color No
Material stainless steel
sharpness of the bit normal
thickness of the mouthpiece 12 mm


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