Full cheek gag Poponcini

Full cheek gag Poponcini

Full cheek gag Poponcini

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Features Poponcini bits

Poponcini Bits are made in Italy. These bits are recognizable by their extremely soft mouthpiece. A Poponcini bit is made of a steel wire, and brass bushing at the ends. A plastic layer is cast around. By hand, a special silicone layer is then applied. The silicone is not toxic to your horse. This assembly ensures optimum comfort for the horse's mouth.

The Poponcini bits made of this soft material, are also known as the HARMONY line.

Why should you choose a Poponcini bit of the HARMONY line?

A horse with a sore mouth can not relax. Ordinary mouthpieces can have this effect. With the mouthpieces from the Harmony line, a horse will immediately relax. Working with a relaxed horse is a pleasure for the rider and horse! Due to this typical form of this mouthpiece, a horse will be able to close its mouth easily, so it will be  much calmer with its head and tongue.

NOTE: Because Poponcini bits are so soft, we give no warranty on these bits!

A bit manufactured from this type of plastic / silicone has a lower durability than a bit with a metal base.

Description full cheek snaffle bit:

A full cheek bit is a bit whose rings are extended with two small bars at the transition bit ring - mouthpiece. The cheek pieces make sure that a horse is easier to turn and that cheek pieces prevent the rider from pulling the bit through the horse’s mouth. This makes the full cheek snaffle bit appropriate for schooling young horses. Attention: this bit is a little bit sharper than a loose ring snaffle, eggbutt snaffle and D-snaffle.

The full cheek snaffle bit is stable in the mouth.

In order to make an even more effective full cheek, two straps or loops can be attached to the bridle and placed on either side of the bit. The upper ends of the sides of the full cheek fit right into these straps. These straps ensure that the sides do not get stuck under the noseband of the horse. They give a little more leverage effect, obtained by the straps, than when they are not being used.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type gag
Brand Poponcini
colour No
Material flexible plastic
sharpness of the bit very soft
thickness of the mouthpiece 20mm