Loose ring Gag  Poponcini

Loose ring Gag Poponcini

Loose ring gag Poponcini

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Features Poponcini Bits

Poponcini Bits are made in Italy. These bits are distinguished by having an extremely soft mouthpiece. A Poponcini bit is made of a steel wire, and a brass bushing at the ends. A plastic layer is cast around. Then a special silicone layer is applied, by hand, that is not toxic to your horse. This assembly ensures optimum comfort for the horse's mouth.

The line of Poponcini bits made of this soft material, is also known as the HARMONY line.

Why should you choose a Poponcini bit of the HARMONY line?

A horse with a sore mouth can not relax. Ordinary mouthpieces can have this effect. With the mouthpieces from Harmony, a horse will immediately relax and working with a relaxed horse will be a pleasure for rider and horse! Due to this typical form of this mouthpiece, a horse will be able to close his mouth easily, so he will be  much calmer with his head and tongue.

NOTE: Because Poponcini bits are so soft, we give no warranty on these bits!

A bit manufactured from this type of plastic / silicone has a lower durability than a bit with a metal base.

Description Gag snaffle bit:

A Gag bit is often an normal snaffle, but extra eyelets are placed in and on top of the bit rings. The gag can be attached on to the bridle with a special piece of rope, called a Gag rope. This rope must be placed through the eyelets in the bit rings top to bottom. At the end of the gag rope is a buckle, with that buckle the rope can be attached to the bridle. A Gag rope is specially made for a Gag bit. A ring is placed at the bottom of the Gag rope, the rein has to be attached to that ring.

A Gag bit should be used with two reins. One attached to the bit rings and the other attached to the ring of the Gag rope. By using the second rein a leverage effect is created. A Gag is often used for horses who put a lot of weight in the riders hands and this bit is also used for teaching a horse to bring the head up.

This bit is not suitable for inexperienced riders and horses, as it can be pretty sharp because of the leverage. The rider must know what he's doing before he decides to use this bit.

Description rubber/plastic bit:

A rubber bit can be flexible, but also can contain a hard core. The flexible rubber bit has a steel wire running through is, so the bit can not break. The flexible bit is softer. Black rubber has the disadvantage that if a horse has a drier mouth, the bit gets hot by friction and then can burn on the tongue. When a horse produces enough saliva, a rubber bit is the softer variant of a metal bit. The plastic variant (Beris, Happy Mouth) is smoother and doesn’t have this problem.

Features straight / unjointed mouthpiece:

A unjointed bit/straight bit often works sharper than a single or double jointed mouthpiece. The shape of the mouthpiece determines the pressure in the mouth. A straight mouth piece with tongue port gives more pressure on the layers and keeps the tongue free. The straighter and thicker the mouthpiece, the more pressure on the tongue.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type gag
Brand Poponcini
colour No
Material sweet iron
sharpness of the bit normal
thickness of the mouthpiece 20mm