Loose Ring, double jointed, "Magic system"

Metal AB
Loose Ring, Double Jointed "Magic system"

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Description Loose ring snaffle:

A Loose ring snaffle is a basic bit with round, loose bit rings. This bit is accepted by most of the horses because the mouthpiece lays independent of the bit rings. The mouthpiece can be single-, double-jointed or straight and can be made of various materials. The snaffle is soft when the mouthpiece is thick and of soft material. The bit becomes sharper when the mouthpiece gets thinner and the material harder.

Often rubber bit guards are used. These ensure that the lips do not become trapped between bit and ring. A Loose ring snaffle should also be a little wider than any another bits because the bit rings move independently and there must be enough space for the rubber bit guards.

A loose ring snaffle is suitable for many horses and riders. The thinner the bit, the more experienced the horse and rider must be to use this.

Description Magic System bit:

The Magic System bits are developed by Nelson and Rodrigo Pessoa. 

These bits have as main characteristic that the mouthpiece can't be folded together like a normal mouthpiece. These bits adapts better to the mouth of the horse and there is less pressure on the tongue and the palate. This form stimulates salivation and swallowing. Therefore the horse is sooner able to relax the jaw.

The bits with copper in the mouthpiece stimulate chewing on the bit, the saliva production and results in a softer and more relaxed mouth of the horse.

Features double jointed mouthpiece:

The double-jointed mouthpiece consists of three parts. The middle section of the mouthpiece is flat on the tongue and give more pressure on the tongue than a single broken mouthpiece. The thicker the middle the more pressure on the tongue.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type loose ring
Brand Metal AB
Color No
Material stainless steel
sharpness of the bit sharp
thickness of the mouthpiece 17 mm


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