Medium ring, gag waterford

Medium ring, gag waterford

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Description Gag snaffle bit:

A Gag bit is often an normal snaffle, but extra eyelets are placed in and on top of the bit rings. The gag can be attached on to the bridle with a special piece of rope, called a Gag rope. This rope must be placed through the eyelets in the bit rings top to bottom. At the end of the gag rope is a buckle, with that buckle the rope can be attached to the bridle. A Gag rope is specially made for a Gag bit. A ring is placed at the bottom of the Gag rope, the rein has to be attached to that ring. A Gag bit should be used with two reins. One attached to the bit rings and the other attached to the ring of the Gag rope. By using the second rein a leverage effect is created. A Gag is often used for horses who put a lot of weight in the riders hands and this bit is also used for teaching a horse to bring the head up. This bit is not suitable for inexperienced riders and horses, as it can be pretty sharp because of the leverage. The rider must know what he's doing before he decides to use this bit.

Blue steel (sweet iron):

Blue steel bits are made of a mixture of materials, also called an alloy. This gives a sweet taste. The mouthpiece of these bits have a blue or black color. If the bit is used the blue or black layer gets oxidized and then becomes orange/brown, the color of rust. This rust gives a sweet taste. A sweet taste stimulates the salivation production and acceptance of the bit.

Features Waterford mouthpiece :

Because of the many links in this mouthpiece the horse will grab the bit less easy. A disadvantage of this mouthpiece is that it is more difficult to contain a nice connection to the mouth of the horse. This mouthpiece is quite sharp .

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type gag
Brand Bombers
Color No
Material sweet iron
sharpness of the bit No
thickness of the mouthpiece No


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