Baby Pelham correction, low and narrow port. Level 2-3

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Baby Pelham correction, low and narrow port. Level 2-3

Baby Pelham correction, low and narrow port. Level 2-3
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Description (baby)pelham:

The pelham is delivered with short and long sides. A bit with short sides is called baby pelham. A pelham with long sides is a normal pelham. This bit can be used with one or two reins.

You can also use a pelham strap, this connects the bit ring with the ring a the bottom of the sides. A pelham strap connects the two reins, so just one rein is needed. The effect is a bit softer than riding with two reins. The pelham is used in combination with a curb chain.

The pelham is often used with strong horses. Because of the leverage effect created by the sides, the bit is pretty sharp. By using this bit it’s easier to ride a horse rounder in the neck. The longer the sides, the sharper it is.

The pelham is not suitable for inexperienced riders or horses.

Description Level 2:

The pressure is distributed over the tongue and the layers.

Suitable for:

Horses who have already had basic training.

For riders who already have a soft and more relaxed hand.

This bit gives more tongue freedom. Very suitable to learn the horse to relax.

Description Level 3:

Lots of tongue freedom and most of the pressure of the mouthpiece will be applied to the layers.

Suitable for:

Experienced riders and horses.

Through this mouthpiece a rider can give very controlled and precies instructions to his horse

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type pelham
Brand Myler
Color No
Material stainless steel
sharpness of the bit sharp
thickness of the mouthpiece 12mm


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