Weymouth "Saumur" port, (sides 13cm)

Weymouth "Saumur"(sides 13cm)

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Description Weymouth:

The Weymouth bit is always used together with a Bradoon bit. This is a combination of two bits that are used in the higher classes, mainly dressage. The Weymouth is always used in combination with a curb  chain. The rings of the Bradoon are smaller than normal, so there is  enough room left for the leverage functioning of the Weymouth. For the Weymouth and Bradoon a special bridle is required or extra cheekpieces.

This combination of the two bits is used to get the head and neck of the horse in the required position. A Weymouth combination should only be used by very experienced riders and a horse that is well trained and can tolerate some pressure.

Features straight / unjointed mouthpiece:

A unjointed bit/straight bit often works sharper than a single or double jointed mouthpiece. The shape of the mouthpiece determines the pressure in the mouth. A straight mouth piece with tongue port gives more pressure on the layers and keeps the tongue free. The straighter and thicker the mouthpiece, the more pressure on the tongue.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Type Weymouth
Brand Feeling
Color No
Material stainless steel
sharpness of the bit sharp
thickness of the mouthpiece 15 mm


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