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We are an informative online store specialized in horse bits. Bitspecialist is one of the few online stores where you will find full information on all types of horse- and ponysnaffles. All horses and riders are different, and therefore it is important to get the right snaffle for your horse. Therefore, we offer a wide range of horse bits in this store. The range will be regularly reviewed and updated with the latest horse bits.

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We have bits from pelham bits till gag snaffle bits and snaffles that are perfect for dressage till snaffles like a hackamore that suits perfectly for jumping. We sell bits from leading brands such as Myler, Beris, Trust and Poponcini. Finally, we have horse bits in various materials such as nickle bits, rubber bits, Sweet Iron snaffle bits and more.

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Look here for tips and tricks to help make the choice easier for a good bit. Bitspecialist.com does not take responsibility for the consequences of a wrong purchased or used bit by a rider.

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